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Your Appointment

Long Lashes

Before Your Appointment

  • Remove all makeup prior to arriving for your appointment. If makeup removal is required before lash application, this will eat into your appointment time and may result in less lash coverage due to time constraints. 

  • Please abide by our Covid-19 policy - read here

  • We kindly request you remove your shoes prior to entering the property. 

  • Do not wear contacts. Bring your glasses or your contacts case/solution. 

  • Please arrive 5 minutes either side of your appointment time. 

  • Do not attend if you are unwell. 

  • Please advise us if you are running late or will not attend. If you are 30 mins late, your appointment must be rescheduled. Please read our cancellation policy

  • Only one adult person is to attend the appointment, unless you have a carer to assist you with moving around. They must not stay in the lash room during the appointment. I will be happy to call them back if they are required. 

  • Children are not permitted in the lash room unless they are old enough to amuse themselves on the couch in the lash room. For example, watching a movie on an ipad with headphones. For safety reasons, they must not move around the property. They must be able to go to the bathroom themselves. I am not able to supervise children during the appointment. 

During Your Appointment

  • Please wear a mask.

  • Keep talk to a minimum once under eye gel pads have been applied to ensure efficient and safe lash application. 

  • Try to relax and stay as still as possible but please let me know if you need something or feel uncomfortable. 

  • You are encouraged to have a beauty nap. I don't mind if you snore or drool. I am completely focused on doing your lashes and most likely won't even notice.

  • You will be laying on your back for long periods of time. Please consider whether this is possible for you. If you need to get up and down during the appointment this will affect my ability to complete the set within maximum appointment time. 

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