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Why is aftercare important? You invest time and money into getting a set of beautiful lash extensions. A few simple aftercare steps incorporated into your beauty routine will keep you lashes looking gorgeous longer, and ensure your eye and lash health.

  1. Avoid getting your lashes wet 24 hours after your appointment (maybe?)

  2. Wash your lashes regularly with a lash cleanser

  3. Do not use oil-based skin products or any type of mascara.

  4. Avoid excessive heat, salt or chlorine.

  5. Don't pull on your extensions or rub your eyes too hard.

  6. Removal should be done by a trained lash technician.

  7. Schedule your fills every 2-3 weeks

For "the science" read on:

Avoid getting your lashes wet 24 hours after your appointment. Believe it or not, this tip causes a great deal of disagreement between lash artists! Without getting too technical, lash glue "cures" or dries when exposed to water in the air. The weather on the day of your lash appointment can actually affect how quickly the glue dries!

Some lash technicians will recommend not getting your lashes wet to avoid "shock curing" - which is where the glue dries too quickly on the outside causing a brittle bond = lashes falling off sooner. Other technicians will nano-mist water or apply a bonder to your lash extensions which accelerates the glue curing time, which means you can actually wash your eyelash extensions straight after your appointment.

My advice? Get the best of both worlds. I will give you the option of applying a sealant to your set roughly ten minutes after we've finished up. We can "spill the tea" while we wait! This will speed up the glue drying process which means if you get rained on (very likely in Melbourne!) or can't avoid getting your lashes wet in the 24 hours after your appointment, it's not going to do too much damage. Otherwise, if you can help it, try to keep them dry overnight and give them a lovely wash in the morning. After this 24 hours period, you can splash about to your heart's content.

Wash your lashes. Cleanliness is next to Flawlessness baby! If you want to stay looking #snatched, gently wash your lashes everyday with a gentle foaming lash cleanser. You can use spoolie, lint free doe foot applicator, or a cotton bud to carefully clean the base to the tip of the lashes. Pay most attention to the lash line as it's easy for debris to accumulate here. In a pinch, like when you're travelling or don't have access to lash shampoo used cooled boiled water with a cotton bud and just do your best to keep things squeaky clean and hygienic. Baby shampoo is not a recommended alternative to lash shampoo as there is a risk of irritation to the eyelids (see here). You can purchase The Duchess Bubble Bath Foaming Lash Shampoo from our shop or at your next appointment with me.

Do not use oil-based skin products or make up. Oil-based products will break down the glue bond and cause premature lash loss. I would not recommend avoiding your usual skincare routine, especially if you use a targeted facial product for skin conditions, but do your best to apply them away from the eye area where possible.

Mascara is just a no-no. It's hard to enough to remove mascara from natural eyelashes unless you use a cleansing oil or balm and rub the bejeesus out of your eyes (panda eyes anyone?). The product will gums up the lash line, trashes volume fans and can never really be cleaned from the lash base. If you have been using mascara, I will spend a good chunk of your beauty nap time removing it from your lashes - so save yourself time and money and kick the mascara habit!

Avoid exposing lashes to sources of prolonged or extreme heat such as steam, ovens, barbecues, hair dryers, lighters and saunas. In spite of marketing, quality eyelash extensions are made from vegan friendly PBT which is a type of heat resistant plastic. However, exposure to prolonged or extreme heart can melt, single or destroy the curl of your extensions. Not cute!

Rinse lashes well after activities such as swimming in chlorine or salt water, or after working out. Salt and chlorine will break down the glue bond and cause poor retention. Rinse your lashes with water after swimming or sweating to keep them looking amazing for longer. If you're one of those extraordinary people who like going to the gym, try wearing a sweatband around your heart to keep the sweat off your lashes as much as possible.

Do not perm, tint or use an eyelash curler. Guys, don't guild the lily. You don't need to perm/lift your lashes because frankly, they're already curly! If you want a dramatic look, we can discuss this in your consultation and choose a stronger curl. Mechanical and heated curlers will kink or melt the extensions. Technically, you can tint over lash extensions but it's likely the process will not encourage long retention.

Don't pull on your extensions or rub your eyes too hard. I am very guilty of this (I bite my nails too when I'm stressed) and I always regret it immediately after. Apart from pain and irritation to your eyelids when you inevitably pull out your natural lashes - rubbing and picking at your extensions will result in bald spots and a sparse looking lash line. If you have less full grown healthy lashes, it means less lashes that we can apply extensions to which may result in your not being able to get the desired look you're after.

See a trained lash technician to have your extensions removed. Home removal remedies such as rubbing oil into eyelash extensions usually result in damaged lashes. Yes, oil will break down the adhesive, but it's a process which needs to be repeated, and would likely result in natural lashes being pulled out. Using the correct remover will break down the bond easily and painlessly.

Schedule fills every 2-3 weeks. I've found 2-3 weeks to be the perfect time to keep lashes looking full and fresh. Any longer than 3 weeks and extensions are growing out, becoming unbalanced and weighing down the natural lash.

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